Starter Replacement (please help) on 1991 Cadillac Eldorado

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Prior to today the only problem I had with my car is the starter and tuneup issues. Sometimes I would have to hold down on the key in order to get it to turn over. Okay, I put the key in the ignition switch, then when i try to start it -> I turn the key it "cough's", then while i'm still holding on the key there's a long quiet pause for like 5-10 seconds and then it will turn over and run perfectly fine. Now When i turn the key the lights come on and every thing but it wont start. I replaced the battery because it was faulty (had it tested at autozone and they gave me a brand new one because it was covered under warranty)
You know how when the battery is dead it *click click click's* well its acting like a dead battery without the clicking.
Is it the starter? how do I replace it?
Do i have to disconnect the ac line in front of the radiator, pull the exhaust manifold and pull the radiatior? I have a 4.9 8cyl? Please help.
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This sounds like it's the starter or the starter solenoid. You need detailed step-by-step instructions for completing this repair. Try one of the resources below for that kind of help, but just a warning--this may not be the problem, and I'm concerned to may create more problems or not solve the problem without a detailed diagnosis by a professional.