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2003 Honda Accord Question: starter replacement

how do i replace the stater on a 2003 honda accord -
Answer 1
It's pretty easy to replace, disconnect the battery negative connection. The starter is on the top of the transmission, passenger side of the engine compartment. The starter has one push on type connection (bringing power form the ignition switch) and one nut holding the battery power cable (12mm wrench), starter is secured to engine bell housing with two I think 17mm possibly 14mm headed bolts you should be able to do this in under an hour easily. -
Answer 2
On this model the starter is underneath the intake manifold of the engine. You can see it through the intake. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to replace one yet so I'm not sure if the intake plenum has to be removed or not. Looking at it I would assume that it does. Once that is out of the way it looks fairly simple to remove and replace. -
Answer 3
looks like u can take off the lower radiator hose to get to it -
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