Starter Replacement on 1997 Audi A6 Quattro

Yesterday, with no prior problems, my car wouldn't start. I check the battery and nol problems there. When I turn the key all instrument panel lights come on, stereo works and I can hear a click at the starter. Long and short, the garage I have it at state the attempted to by pass the ignition and jump the starter. No good. Now the want $1000 for new starter and labor. Seems high?? any input would be appreciated.

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starters on this type car are usually killed by bad ignition switches. have yours checked. the start replacement should only be about 2.5 hours labor so are they charging $750 for the part?? before replacing have the cables and main ground checked. if you can make sure the small single wire on the starter gets power when you turn the key. if it does (and the eng ground is good) then you need a starter. if no power, may be a switch.
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I had the starter fixed on my 2005 Honda Accord. They also replaced an O2 sensor. Together with labor it cost me $750.