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1995 Toyota Previa Question: Starter Removal

I just started to remove my starter for testing and I'm having trouble getting to the top 2 bolts that are supposed to be located on the upper section of the bell housing. I am going according to the Haynes manual, but they dont show these bolts. Any suggestions in this area is appreciated. -
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On manual transmission cars the clutch slave cylinder needs to be moved out of the way and on a 4WD the drive shaft needs to be removed. The "book labor time" is 1 hour. The three bolts that secure the starter (I think they have a 14mm head) are removed from the transmission side of the bell housing. I remember it being a little difficult but not terrible. -
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Is this the case for all make and model manual transmission vehicles? In other words does the slave cylinder need to be removed to replace the starter on a Tacoma truck? -
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Detailed instructions greatly appreciated! We're new to this!.. also started running hot when idling one day..refilled collant..fine when running..any ideas?