starter question on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Today, I had the starter replaced. Even with the old one the vehicle would start quickly and run smooth, although I knew it was on its last legs. Now that I replaced it, it is harder to start. The guy that replaced it says, 'its nothing that I did'. I almost feel like putting the old one back on.

by in Cape May, NJ on December 05, 2012
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ANSWER by on December 05, 2012
does the new starter crank fine? if so and it just cranks alot b4 starting seek diag it could be several other issues causing long crank time. most likely not the starter
COMMENT by on December 06, 2012
yes it cranks long then starts, i have to keep foot on gas to keep it running. I was thinking maybe there was some type of adjustment he failed to perform after putting new starter on. It is too much coincidence that this happened after he replaced starter. thanks for your reply!!!
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