Starter problems on 1990 Lincoln Town Car

Hi I have a problem My lincoln town car wont start. Battery is fully charged and all I get when i turn the key is a loud click and twang from the diode. The kids were playing in the car right before this happened is there some type of anti theft system that could cause this?

by in Witter, AR on May 22, 2009
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ANSWER by on May 22, 2009
If your are just getting a click, that is the starter solenoid working, but the starter is not turning over the engine. You might try tapping on the starter with a hammer ( if you can safely do this ) while some one is cranking trying to crank the engine. If the starter begins to work, then you need a new starter. This is assuming that your battery is still powerful enough to turn over the engine. A fully charged battery can still not have enough power to crank an engine over if it is old and worn out. It can still operate the lights, but that is minor compared to the energy needed to crank over an engine.
COMMENT by on March 15, 2014
Hi I have. a. 2000 lincoln town car and it is doing the same thing i. got my starter replaced started fine for a few days now its doing it again
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