starter not engaging everytime but not charging either AZ checked alternator on 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

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alternator checked good on machine on car less than 11v good battery could the starter cause problems or should I replace pos cables I did get new alt anyway bearings sounded rough and its VERY diffacult to remove and don't want to experience again Thank you for any input PS before removing when I turned on A/C a mess of codes and all idiot lights came on
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Don't worry about the codes or any warning lights or messages until you get the cahrging/starting system fixed. Low/High voltages can cause all kinds of issues. Given the year of the car, and the area you are from (Michigan, snow and moisture) I would replace both the positive and negative cables. Then check ALL your accesible grounds to the engine and body/frame and make sure they are not loose, broken, or, most likely, corroded and rusted. Fix and clean any you find. Then clear any and all trouble codes from module(s) and recheck your systems. I am betting they will be fine.