starter motor replacement on 2001 Infiniti I30

On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being most difficult) how hard is it to get to and replace the starter on this car?

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On a mechanic's scale or an amateur's? J/K
On my scale is 1, here is why:

(here they don't tell you, but disconnect the negative battery terminal first!)
1. Remove air duct assembly.
2. Remove harness protector from engine room harness.
3. Disconnect starter harness.
4. Remove starter bolts (two).
5. Remove starter.
Tadaaa!!! Now you have done it!
Install it in the reverse order.

Thanks! I repl the starter last night; not too bad except for getting the right angle to loosen the 17mm bolt. While I was in there, I sprayed throttle body cleaner on the butterfly. I think one result was a rich mixture mixture upon starting and a check engine light. How do I clear it?
Make sure you reconnected everything. Is the air flow sensor connected?
Try to disconnect the battery for several minutes and see if it will reset.