starter clicks on 1994 Dodge Ram 2500

Have had starter rebuilt, putback on truck, it started once. When trying to start, batteries full charge, the starter justs CLICKS will not crank. Got a pull start and it cranked right up, ran great. Shut it off, will not crank or start, whats wrong?

by in Kirkland, AZ on April 07, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on April 07, 2010
Make sure all the battery cables are clean and tight and if all that checks out then the starter could be defective and I know it was rebuilt but that doesn't mean that it was properly rebuilt as a owner of a parts store you can't imagine how many rebuilt starters came back as defective
ANSWER by on December 11, 2010
my 2000 cummins has a 20 amp starter solenoid fuse that will cause this to happen
ANSWER by on December 18, 2010
short answer. Your starter has failed and must be taken out and repaired. Your solenoid clicks when it pulls in and it is suppose to close the circuit from the batteries to the starter motor....I have had mine apart for the same reason repaired the contacts it has lasted about a year and is going bad now
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