starter on 2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali

Is it a normal thing to replace the starter because a "check oil level light" comes on? And the followup summary of the repair states: "LOW OIL DUE TO REAR MAIN SEAL AND OIL PAN LEAK ING OIL REPLACED REAR MAIN SEAL AND OIL PAN GASKET"? Shouldn't they mention why a starter is necessary to replace for a check oil level light that is illuminated??

I agree w/ hemicuda but; You need to ask them was this removed and than REINSTALLED or REPLACED. If replaced than why.
I wish I could agree as well with both your answers. But I am disturbed everytime I look at my invoices and see the starter listed with a model number, that charges $344.00 and a $40.00 labor fee. The problem states what my question says. But the part listed to be assert a repair to my problem states a starter being charged, and labor, and no explanation is given to the final action taken to assert a repair to the problem found. But after the "check engine oil light comes on", they say for their course of action: "replaced starter". What the f? The starter was never an issue.
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I think they are talking about having to remove and replace the starter to get to the oil pan, then once the pan is removed they can get to the rear main seal. its part of the sequence of this repair.