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1991 Nissan Sentra Question: starter

How much would it cost to buy a starter for the 1991 nissan sentra? -
Answer 1
Look at a price on www.rockauto.com, www.partstrain.com or your local Napa store, my guess $90 to $130. -
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...next day we called Triple A and the guy tried to jump it wouldn't work he i guess tapped on my starter and it then started right up because he told me that my starter was going bad. I went to AutoZo...
starter spin's but does not engage engine flywheel. replace starter same problem. Starter drive gear not engaging engine flywheeel. move flywheel position, no help...
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...ed out the starter, battery and they were both fine, but my car will not start, could it be the starter relay switch? Do you know where the starter relay is located?
...click or anything. Jumping the car does nothing. Battery is good, alternator is good, is it the starter or ignition switch or what? im at a loss.