Start-up problems on 1994 Honda Accord

it seem recently that everytime i go to start up my honda it never fires. I can get it to crank but never to fire. A way that i've found to temporarily fix this problem is to put the car in gear and turn the key to start it. Of course this doesn't start it because it is in gear but it forces the fuel pump to pump. I did this for about thirty seconds (now 2 min) and would put it in nuetral and get a successful start. It takes longer and longer now to do so and I'm wondering what is wrong with it?

by in Sherman, TX on February 09, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 09, 2009
is it auto or stick? Could be a failing fuel pump, dirty fuel injectors, bad fuel filter.
ANSWER by on February 10, 2009
There is a main relay/fuel pump relay behind the dash on the driver's side that receives a "cranking signal" and when it receives that signal it supplies power to the fuel pump. An engine needs three things to start, mechanical integrity, fuel and spark. If the car has been running fine it has mechanical integrity. Your down to figuring out if you loose spark or fuel when the car wont start. You need a wiring diagram to trace electrical circuits power and ground supplies. What is most annoying is that the repair shop will need to duplicate a "failed" condition to rectify the problem.
ANSWER by on April 21, 2010
Check distributor rotors.
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