start up an run for about 5 to 15 minutes,then shut off like you turn key off on 1998 Honda Accord

something cutting my fuel off.set about 30 minutes start right back up,may be

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Poss. 'main relay'. To check an easy way, in a quiet area turn the key to the 'run' position ,(check engine light on)and watch the light , at the same time listen for a 'click' at the same time as the light goes out. May want to try that two or three times to get used to the sound. Then next time , after it stalls and won't re-start , do the same thing. IF you do not hear the 'click' when the light turns off , replace the main relay - it's bad. It's located under the drivers dash. Easiest and best is to have the replacement in your hand , to match -up what your looking for , if you're not familiar with it. May be awkward to get to.Easy , cheap test (free) before you spend money on a fuel pump you may or may not need.
Thank, main relay did the trick.
That's great
Well i am sure ziptie will think so too!!
I wasn't taking credit for anything, just glad it is fixed. PR I thought you knew better then that, I guess I didn't know u better then that.
Late reply......PR can speak for me , ......he likes green jelly too......yes , glad that did the trick AND my 'instructions' were also able to be understood.Thanks for the lookout ProfG!
That all i ment, it's all good! At least got a reply back that it's fixed and that's rare!
Anytime. Cherry is good
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Check for spark at the plugs while it's not starting.
Test the fuel pump circuit while it operating to see if the circuit closes when it dies, if the circuit is good and the pump quits anyway, change the pump. If not the problem find out what is causing it , distributer ?
thank you,going to replace fuel pump tomorrow.
See reply #4 (ProfG , tell me if it makes sense to you the way I explained it , was trying not to be to confusing about it.)
That makes perfect sense and would be the reason for thinking it to be a fuel pump failure. That is a good test and explanation look at the last post and try to understand what he is asking you to do. Any questions just ask.
poss plastic plug that plugs into key and tumbler under steering whell cover
Thank you