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1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Question: start problem

I know in the old days the dodges had a way about starting up an engine and that would be where as soon as you turned the key, the engine would just crank for a few and then the engine would start. I have a 99 V10 the does the same thing and the only way to get it to start right off is to turn the key and let it crank for a split second and then turn the key off and then turn the key to start again and it starts on the first crank. What can I do to just have the first crank to start the engine everytime? -
Answer 1
This is a common problem with all 94-02 Rams with gas engines, not just the V10. Your fuel pressure regulator (located in the gas tank with the fuel pump) is not holding pressure in the fuel injector rail so after your truck has sat for a few hours (or minutes depending on the condition of the rest of the fuel system), you have to do the double key dance like all the rest of us. The first crank repressurizes the fuel rail, the second crank then has fuel readily available to use to start the engine. You have two options: replace the fuel pressure regulator or live with it. -
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