Start engine, put in gear,take off, engine misses then finally catches up on 1999 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

Can be hot or cold, engine misses, and does not take fuel. Start engine, let idle for couple minutes, drop in gear, does ok. When going down highway, press on fuel pedle, engeine bogs down and catches up. Does not have lots of power. Done fuel pressure test, shows to be around 53-54 lbs. Is this to low. Hate putting in a 250.00 pump and not be problem. HELP!!!!!!

scan codes and post so we can adv if any
Have done a code before....only thing that shows on puter is oxygen sensor. Other than that...nothing. There is no engine light coming on. I installed new fuel pump today..same thing..around 53-54 lbs pressure. New wires,plugs, rotor, dist. cap. Now guy at parts house tells that new pump should produce at least 70lbs. Tells me I have a fuel line blockage.New filter, still same psi. Could this be from a distributor? Ready to covert back to carb engine and turbo 400. Lol.
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