start and stop and start on 2001 Kia Rio

my problem it just started i com to a stop and it goes and it stops running and i start it again and it goes it happen twice thank you

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Do you ever have a Check Engine Light on? If so, I would check for any codes, they will help you with tracing down the cause of the stalling problem in the majority of the cases.
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The same thing just started happening to my 04 Kia rio. It died at a stop light and all the warning lights light up I restarted it and it drove but it feels and sounds funny everytime I slow to a stop or go uphill. I am hoping to find an answer too before I resort to going to the shop.
Look under a website called lemonlaw claims. There is a forum on there under Kia stalling. If you own a Kia Rio produced from 5/4/00-10/31/02 there was a recall in 1/04 on the engine control module. Call a Kia dealer, give them your vin number, they will reprogram the ecm at no charge to you. Home you find this helpful.
I didnt buy my kia rio from a kia dealership.. does that matter?
Im having the same problems.... dies at every stop light. and vibrates and shakes. its a 2002 kioa rio.
I just had that broblem fixed. It was do to a bad thermastat the was stck closed and a broken fan not the front fan but the back fan that faces the radistor.