Staring issues. My accord will not start. A single click is all I get. on 1996 Honda Accord

I turn the key and it says it's in D4 at first then P. lights work and all other electrical systems. I did have the negative cable off awhile when I replaced the thermostat. It doesn't help to jump it. I went to fuel all was fine and returned home. a few hours later I tried to start but just a single click with the shift indicator light saying it was in D4 first then it changed to P still not action from the starter.

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ck battery connection make sure they ar clean and tight
Done cleaned and made sure everything was tight
did you ck connections at starter and ground cable to battery good?have it tested and make sure you clean posts with wire brush
The wiring harness wasn't grounded the mechanic at Firestone said...A quick repair I am up and running now thank God
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check battery
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