stareted van drove to store,started to leave,it died ,then started,then died on 1991 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

went 30feet ,died.had fuel.changed fuel pump&filter.ran for day,yhen did it again.pulled fuel line at TB,was getting gas to the TB.figured it to be pressure regulator.i was getting a good cone of fuel from both jets,then it would drizzle &die.turn off-start right up-then then die.changed TB&Regulator.Ran for a week w/no probs.Then Did it again.Was told it sounded like it was my ECM, got 1 put it in started up,and here we go again.

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When it dies, I is obvious it has fuel, does it continue to have spark?
Thank you again for your quick response.
Whats the best way i can check that?
If it helps i did plug one of those little flash testers on the jet plug.
it kept flashing as it died.
The safest way to check without tools (scope, or spark checker) is to take out a spark plug, connect it to the spark plug wire, lay the spark plug on a ground and start up the vehicle. You should see a blue spark jumping from the electrode to the ground.
Be careful, that ignition system can put out 50,000 volts.
Be careful if there is a fuel leak it could ignite.
thanks i will do that ,and get back to you .If you dont mind
nice to have you on my side .;)
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I'm not sure if what you are describing is what is happening to my 92 Chevy G20. When weather is hot outside it sometimes dies after starting. I drove it 50 miles, ran great, went into store, came out and it started dying whenever I started it. After about 6 times was able to quickly put in drive and go. Was told it was vapor locking. Still waiting on help about this issue in my question I posted but thought maybe you might be having same issue. Good luck.