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Stamford Ford Lincoln Mercury, LLC
November 25, 2014

I was lured in by all of the "positive" reviews of this dealership on Google, but in retrospect after reading through all of them closely, I now realize that nearly every positive review was for the SALES department. The picture that Yelp tells seems to be much more close to the truth: a laundry list of folks who took their vehicles to this dealer for service, only to be treated to some of the shadiest, most dishonest practices in the business.

This dealership took my car for two weeks (over a week longer than when they promised to be done with the work), did twice as much labor than was asked for (including a "recall" that suspiciously cost a significant amount), and ended up charging $250 in "diagnostic" fees in addition to parts and labor. Bear in mind that I never authorized the additional labor for the "recall": in fact, neither me nor my significant other could even REACH the auto service department when trying to call twice a day for a week straight.

When they returned the car (which took over an hour), they delivered it with both the Check Engine light and the Service light on -- both of which were NOT on when the car was delivered to them, and were unrelated to the issue that was actually being looked at. When asked to provide a code before I took possession of my car, they claimed that it was impossible, because none of the employees there knew how to work a code reader, and all of the service technicians supposedly left promptly at 5pm (fifteen minutes earlier) and "locked up the code readers".

What a pile of steaming nonsense. These guys are clearly operating outside of the law, directly in violation of Connecticut General Statute Sec. 14-65f which states that "prior to performing any repair work on a motor vehicle, a motor vehicle repair shop shall obtain a written authorization to perform the work, on an invoice signed by the customer, that includes an estimate in writing of the maximum cost to the customer of the parts and labor necessary for the specific job authorized." I've already reported them to the BBB, and I'll be contacting my attorney, reporting this to the state, and finding another, more honest auto shop.

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