stalls while driving but starts right back up on 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

when driving the van will run fine for awhile then it starts to stall everything shuts down but starts right back up the electrical all stays on but no brakes or steering. sometime you can feather the throttle and keep it running but its acary

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this jsut happened to me, my uncle is a Mec and took it to work with him to diagnose it, for mine, it was a cam position sensor. the OEM part was about 110. I bought mine at autozone for 40, and it stopped the problem. it was an easy at home fix as well!!
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Stalling is dangerous because once the engine stops running the brake booster looses vacuum and the power steering pump stops generating pressure until the engine restarts.
What causes the cutting out needs to be investigated. The possibilities are plentiful, the engine should have an idle control controlled by the vehicle's computer. The idle control system could have a problem, your engine could have a vacuum leak, if the engine runs a little rough a cylinder may nit be contributing causing the engine to stall. Diagnostic tests are required its foolish for me to speculate being unable to do basic tests.
Check out this link one year newer but should be similar for your code.
we purchased a home diagnostic and the code is po106 we had replaced the fuel pump , spark plugs and we bought a in line fuel filter but have not installed it yet in also came back with pressure/baro sensor and manifold absolute we put a new enginge in the van last year and a tranny any other suggestions?