Stalls when on gas black smoke comes out tailpipe some times dies out on 1993 GMC Vandura 2500

I was at a stop sign and it starts stalling or put putting then dies out.starts two more times then dies out starts one more time but black smoke comes out the tail pipe i gas it in park until all black smoke is got then drive it home 30 miles what is going on?

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Have fuel pressure checked for bleed off as soon as engine is turned off for leaking fuel pressure reg. This is just one of MANY possible causes of 'flooding', mechannic with a good scanner best bet!! Should be codes in computer. We can guess at it from now on and be wrong every time!
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When was your last tune up? MAP sensor, vacuum leaks and plugs cause rich conditions.
Vehicle is over-fueling. I would check vacuum hose that goes to the "map sensor"sor
Fuel pressure regulator could also be sticking;_ylt=A0oG7m2S5otRa1UA4MRXNyoA?p=gmc+van+map+sensor&fr=robo&fr2=piv-web