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1996 Nissan Altima Question: Stalls when I go below 1000 rpms.

Just recently I have begun to have the problem where most of the time when I drop below 1000 rpms my car stalls. Sometimes it stutters and then dies or I can rev the engine to keep it from dieing but for the most part it just stalls out and I have to wait until I stop and it will start right back up again. I have even had it happen while going at speed and I then need to stop the car and start it again. If I keep the rpms above 1500 I can usually keep it going. This usually happens when I am slowing down to stop or make a corner. -
Answer 1
Sounds like your Idle Air Control Motor should be inspected. This is where I would begin. And you also may have a sticking open EGR valve. Check for any Check Engine Light codes, and be sure to resolve those, because they will help you Diagnose this problem. -
Answer 2
Mine just doing this all well, no codes came up, still have not found out what it is -
Answer 3
i am currently working on this model with the same problem, i will be checking for vac. leaks,collapsed lines and bad gaskets then the idel controller i will keep you posted once i find the problem -