stalls when coming to a stop. on 1992 Buick Century

i just replaced plugs, wires on my car. it runs fine sometimes then others it wants to stall when i am slowing down to stop. and the whole car shakes when this is happening. it starts right back up.what do you think i should look for first, maybe a vacuum line or fuel problem?

by in Bellevue, OH on October 22, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 23, 2009
Does your 1992 Buick Century tend to stall after extended freeway driving- 20 minutes or more? Does your Buick have a 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission? And lastly, After the engine stalls you state it starts right back up - Does it stall again when put into gear or can you drive normally after restarting the engine? Please let me know the answers to these questions and I will try and help get to the bottom of you stalling condition.
COMMENT by on June 23, 2010
i have the same problem - 3.3L engine. when i put it into gear it stalls again. have to wait 15-20 minutes and then will be able to drive off. I have replaced computer and crank sensor. don.t know what i should try next.
COMMENT by on December 15, 2010
Oakman, I have a 92' Buick Century that does/has everything you said EXCEPT it does not stall again when I put the car into gear. I will drive down the road for approx. 15-20 minutes then the service light comes on and the motor cuts out like it wants to stall but doesn't unless I am stopped at a traffic light. The service light shortly shuts off after the motor cuts out a few times and runs fine for another 10-15 min then repeats the same symptoms. I have a Diagnostic tool that makes the service light flash the # of each code then I look at the chart of codes in the book that was included with the tool.. The ECM showed four codes which each of those have ATLEAST 3 possibilities of what the problem(s) could be.. Codes 12,16,22, and 34 were the "Lucky" numbers.. Code 12 - Diagnostic mode; no distributor signal to Electronic Control Module; System PASS. Code 16 - Battery or alternator problem - voltage too high or low - Direct ignition system (DIS) fault line open or shorted to ground - Ignition system fault - loss of 2X or Low Resolution Pulse signal - Transmission speed error Code 22 - Throttle position sensor (TPS) - signal voltage is low - Fuel cutoff relay circuit - open or shorted to ground Code 34 - Mass air flow (MAF) sensor - signal voltage or frequency is low during engine cruise - Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor - signal voltage is low during ignition on. - Pressure sensor circuit - signal voltage too high or low (carburetor engines)
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