Stalls when backing up and idles very rough on 1993 Buick Century

It stalls backing up. And also idles very it could stall going forward at any time. If I press on the gas, it won't stall (but sometimes at lights...I get very anxious because I can "feel" it about to stall. This might sound weird, but it stopped during the winter when it was cold. I thought somehow it miraculously fixed itself... I know...Anyway, I've noticed it has started doing it again as it's gotten warmer. I put almost a thousand into it last Spring to "fix" it... they replaced plugs and all kinda of things- but it wouldn't stall at the mechanics... Long story short- it still does this. Other than this, the car is in very good shape, only 75,000 miles, regular tune ups, maintenace, and oil changes etc...

I took a job in Virginia (live in Indianapolis) this summer and can't afford another vehicle at the moment...and I do love my Buick. I just want to make sure it'll be reliable for another year or two.

If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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sounds like a power issue, reverse has a higher power draw than drive does, a simple fuel filter replacement could be all it needs otherwise you may have to take it to a more reliable mechanic to diagnose it