1998 Pontiac Bonneville Q&A

1998 Pontiac Bonneville Question: Stalls every now and then and won't restart

It will stall as I'm driving and won't restart without disconnecting battery and setting overnight. When this occurs the electric seats, windows, locks don't work. Sometimes when I use the elec windows it will stall and I have to disconnect battery again. When having this problem, when I try the seats the fog lights will come on dim. Do you have any idea. Someone said it might be a body control module.My module number is 10427827. Does this make any sense to you? PLEASE HELP -
Answer 1
I wouldn't start replacing parts without performing some diagnostics, your just going to be wasting your money. Take the vehicle to a shop that can diagnose this while it is not running. http://repairpal.com/directory?distance=25&sort_by=relevance&address=34952&car_brand_names=Pontiac -