GMC Yukon XL Denali Problem Report

GMC Yukon XL Denali Stalling or Low Engine Idle Speed Due to Dirty Throttle Body

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A dirty throttle body may cause a lower than normal idle and possible stalling condition. Performing a throttle body service will commonly correct this concern.

Truck idles really low, will stall sometimes when I make a slow turn -
The vehicle would stall at idle. First thought it was an alternator problem since the alternator would drop to zero and the vehicle would stall. Put in new alternator. Same problem. Had throttle body cleaned by shop. Problem solved. -
stalling and low engine idle hard to start due to dirty throttle body. -
2010 GMC Yukon Denali - The check engine light came on, followed by a traction control warnings and then reduced engine power speed to approx 20 mph to the point of almost stalling. I was told by the dealer that it was the throttle body which I has replaced at my expense. However, after picking up my SUV, I learned that there is a GMC Special Coverage Adjustment for the Throttle Sensor. However, GMC will not replace the sensor free of charge unless you have a problem with it...i.e. ; more traction control loss as well as reduced/loss of engine power. From what I have read as well as heard, hundreds of other GMC owners are having the same problem and GMC knows there are/have been ongoing issues with engine power loss due to throttle body and throttle sensor issues, but they will not issue a recall. I guess people have to be involved in fatal crash before they will do something about it. I will try reporting this to the National Traffic Safety Administration. -
when in low rpm 1000 the engine quit. When it is started again it start ok, but any time its goes under 1000 rpm it stop. -
Engine nearly stalls, gets to low RPM's in idle and revs start to go up and down as if its stalling and then catching over and over. Then it'll catch on and be back to normal for about a minute and goes back to the stalling. -
2002 yukon denali stalls at low speeds on turn or backing up, lights would dim, low rpm. cleaned throttle body as described, that took about 15 minutes, now runs like new. power steering pump must have had such a pull on the engine it would stall. i agree should be routine maintenance. thank you forum. -
Regular maintenance (cleaning) of the throttle body is mandatory on the 6.0l engine. -
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