Stalling on road and at idle when hot on Ford E-150

Average mileage: 110,000 (90,000–120,000)
Engine affected: 5.8L V8
2 model years affected: 1990, 1994
3 people reported this problem
2 people shared problem details
Rough idle, stalling, missing, gas smell. Have replaced almost everything (coil, wires, plugs, fuel filter, rotor, cap, distributor, MAP sensor, TP Sensor, Idle Air Control and still have problem.
Rough idle, stalling at let off on road and at idle. Excess gas consumption and several error codes set. Excess raw gas smell and high gas consumption. Checked gas pressure at injector rail and found it to be three times greater than specs. Changed gas bypass relay & this corrected all codes and drivability problems.
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