stalling in wet weather on 1991 Honda CRX

This engine stalls after going through a puddle and is hard to start after a rain, even if it was just sitting in the driveway. The distributor stays dry so I don't think it is an ignition problem. The air intake tube has been removed because the mount on the radiator is broken. Everything else is stock. Timing belt is good and adjusted properly, new plugs and wires (9 months old), ignition timing is good. I have had several modules in the distributor and it still does it.

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u need an air intake. engine gets water inside. you are screwed, you are also stupid.
That is BS. I drove my Honda CRX for years with everything in the air intake system removed that led up to the air filter box and my car never had the problem he is describing nor did it ever ingest any water because of the removed piping. This is despite the fact that the car was lowered an inch and half from stock in front and an inch from behind. Although I think water IS getting in through the air intake it is not because that stupid plumbing that sets on top of the radiator was removed. He needs to check under the right front fender and makes sure that one of the panels that keeps water out from under the hood is not missing or damaged. In particular he should check the front side of the wheel well and the underside of the bumper.
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I had this problem years ago with my Honda Accord. I replaced distributor cap, wires, etc.. to no avail. My mechanic, an indepedent mechanic who had worked for years at Honda, tried everything he could think of. Snow, humid weather, a bum spitting on the sidewalk, it didn't matter, the car stalled. Never did find out what it was. Interesting now, after so many years, to see the number of similar complaints about cars circa that era with the same problem.