Stalling in traffic on 2005 Volkswagen Beetle

Hi there-
I recently stalled while at a light- no problem. I started back up and the check engine light came on. Then I stalled again on the highway in stop and go traffic. I have 54,000 miles on my standard transmission 2005 beetle convertible, and while I'm scheduled to go to the Dealer this week, I was wondering if there is any insight to what this could be- possibly a standard VW issue. I'm always afraid that as a girl, I'm getting totally worked over for unnecessary work on this car. Thanks so much!

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The most common cause of intermittent stalling problems on newer vehicles would be a faulty crankshaft position sensor. That does not mean that is what is wrong with your 2005 Volkswagen Beetle. When the check engine light came on a fault code should have been stored in the engine control module. Reading and diagnosing the stored code should be the first step in diagnosing your stalling condition.