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1991 Buick Regal Question: stalling car gets hot when stuck in traffic

when i bought my 91 regal 3.1 i realized i was going to need a starter soon! I put it off until the last possible minute. oreplaced it thanksgiving weekend.before the starter got real bad my car ran great, now it misfires after driving 5 to 10 miles and if i have to start and turn car off it won't start for 11/2to 2 hrs.i had injectors serviced new map sensor plugs/wires thermostat fuel pressure good.The only other odd thing is that my brights no longer work ,and if i am driving at night and go to back up my drive i can see my lights dim the power just getting sucked out of them.I did have a problem with the starter after i installed it it got stuck on and engaged itself all night until the battery went dead,when i went to charge battery noticed all cells were extremely low . Could this be my problem? HELP!!!!!!! PLEASE!!:( charwhit69@gmail.com -
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Hey Char, email me honest1autocare@gmail.com. let me see if i can help you if not maybe i can give you a discounted rate to look at it -