Stalling at idle and when I take my foot off the gas on 1997 Buick LeSabre

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My Buick recently started dying while idling, and more recently the car has started dying right when I remove my foot from the gas. Also, my battery guage reads below the mid-point some mornings, and the car will not start, or it will start and begin to rumble and then will die. If I floor the gas while the car is trying to start and doing the rumbling, sometimes the battery guage will kick in and start to rise, and the car will then normalize.

Please help!

I have replaced: battery, fuel filter, relay

I have had my alternator tested and it is working well.
(2) Answers
Would have to drive it and experiance the problem but it sounds like could be a dirty or bad idle air control motor. Other possiblities are an aray of various sensors, weak fuel pump, air leak at the intake hose.
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