stalling and restarting on 1998 Dodge Ram Van 2500

Im currently working on this van-it can be driven as less as two miles are as much as 40. All engine ignition parts have been replace but the problem persists. Also I can let the hood drop and the engine revs then sometimes dies.There are no codes, could it be possible pcm failure? It continues to lose ignition.I can un plyg the cam sensor and the engine continues to run...any advice thoughts ideas and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't replace a pcm unless I verified it was the problem.
Are you sure the engine is loosing ignition spark when the stalling occurs? How is the fuel pressure? Do you have access to an oscilloscope so you can properly test the cam and crank sensors?
We replace the cam sensor, crank sensor, rotory button, Dis. cap, and coils. Still looses ignition power. Fuel pressure is good. Any other ideas? yes it does lose engine spark
Well it sounds like you've replaced everything except the wiring harness and the PCM. I would check with IATN, TSB's from Dodge and see if you see anything there that might help.
I would really want to verify all the inputs and outputs from the PCM to see what signal is being lost. This could be a bad connection somewhere, hence the slamming of the hood symptom. Try wiggling all the connectors and harnesses, tap on the PCM too, try to verify the symptom you get when slamming the hood.
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How about the ignition switch has that been changed? maybe hot wire around it to see if it still looses power