stalling and not starting on 1995 Buick Regal

While driving will stall,not always,sometimes after turning the car off it wont start right away.I pulled several codes P0321,P0341,P0361 Seems like an ignition problem,but what part of the system HELP GEORGE.

by in East Troy, WI on November 24, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 24, 2010
I agree, it sounds like an ignition related problem. The fault codes indicate such. Unfortunately it's very difficult to diagnose an intermittent stalling condition. I would suggest you begin with replacement of the crankshaft position sensor. Next in line would be the ignition module, followed by the PCM. In some rare cases wiring issues can also cause this type of concern, so check all connections and ignition related wiring as you inspect these components. I know you would prefer a specific diagnoses but I have found just about equal numbers of each of these components casing stalling issues over the years. The fact that the codes are set and a stalling condition is present leads me to begin with the crankshaft position sensor.
COMMENT by on November 24, 2010
when reading all the codes it points towards timing issues. I also figured crank shaft sensor ,we put a used one in 2 yrs. ago when it wouldnt start. I think the ignition module would make it run rough. Thank You for your respose GRUMPS!
COMMENT by on November 24, 2010
Gook luck!
ANSWER by on November 24, 2010
ssound like inj modgel ck code imformation at canobd2 com
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