stalling on 1990 Oldsmobile 88

what makes my car stall at stops. I have removed catalytic convertor.
Still stalls.

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The idle speed may be too low to allow the engine to idle. This can be caused by several things. You have to make sure the throttle settings are correct, the throttle body is clean, and if it has an idle valve, it is clean and functioning properly. If the vehicle has an idle switch or a throttle position sensor, it must be working properly as well. If all that is ok then you check for vacuum leaks, ignition problems, or fuel supply problems. A plugged exhaust could do it, but it sounds like you addressed that. Good Luck, let us know what you find out.
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As Bret said, anyone of the things he mentioned, but these cars are notorious for bad crank sensors. Also fuel pressure is critical. Let us know.
Your car could be running too rich. The idle might be set too high. Do you find yourself easing into acceleration to prevent stalling?