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Staley's Tire & Automotive
July 11, 2014

I make a general policy to frequent local businesses as often as I can. I like local businesses because I want to be a patron of those entrepreneurs who were brave enough to take a chance on a dream. One can truly measure the health of a business by the way that management treats their employees and customers. Staley’s Tire fails on both counts. Before my husband went to work for Harry Staley I purchased tires and some other services from Staley’s in the past. On all of those occasions (once at the Central Ave. location and once at the frontage road location) I was treated as though I were a “dumb girl” even though I am mechanically inclined and well educated when I comes to automotive basics. They insisted I needed work done that I had already had done when I got a new engine put in my vehicle.
My husband went to work for Staley’s Tire after we moved back to Montana. He worked 11 hours a day 5 days a week. During his employment he came to learn the true culture at Staley’s, which is a poor one indeed. All of the employees are treated as though they were subhuman and their actions are constantly belittled and very rarely was hard work rewarded. My husband was hired as their delivery driver and was then promoted into the warehouse manager role. He continued to work as their sole delivery driver while being responsible for the organization and management of three warehouses with well over 10,000 tires within them. My husband excelled at both positions for well over 11 months. Staley’s Tire has a 365 day probationary period on day 363 Harry told my husband that he was going to “pass” on “hiring” him. My husband only took 4 days off during that 363 day period and three of those days were due to me being a nagging wife. My husband was given no warning, no opportunity to improve on an already stellar job, and without access to the grievance process during his probationary period he was not entitled to any basic employee “rights” at the company. The management team is Staley’s Tire is delusional if they think their employees enjoy coming to work each day. The guys in the shop often took at least one day off every other week. The employees that work the desk were often on Facebook and other social networking sites, a blatant violation of company policy and yet they retain their employment. My husband how came to work every day, worked his butt off, did his job very well, was let go so that they would not have to pay for his vacation days. We both hold Bachelor’s degrees as well as professional certificates, his sudden loss of employment will be hitting us very hard in two weeks.
I have to ask myself, who would become a patron of a company that treats its employees so poorly? That is why I am writing this today. I encourage everyone to shop for your tires and automotive services elsewhere. Give your hard earned money to a business that deserves to succeed, one that gives back to the community, one that edifies its workers, one that doesn’t try to cheat you.
I know what many readers may think after reading this, that there must be more to the story, that this post is just from the wife of a disgruntled employee, this is not the case! I spoke personally with the assistant manager after my husband was let go and he said that he and Harry would give my husband a great recommendation to any employer that called. They said he worked very hard and did a great job, so why then was my husband let go…..your guess is as good as mine, greed comes to mind, but that might just be my opinion.

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