stabilty/traction and air bag message: on 2002 Cadillac Seville SLS

Hi, my 2002 seville has two issues. (1)when I go over a small bump or pothole the service stability message appears and not while driving on smooth road. (2)when I bring the steering wheel down the service air bag message comes on, but when bring the steering wheel back up It go's away and sometimes come back on again. I was told I have to reset the sensors/switches. I don't know where to find these sensors & switches. I would really appreciate It if you would help me in this matter. Sincerely, Benny

If the steering wheel position effects the air bag light, then there may be a loose connection or defective wire in your steering column harness. Check for that or have a shop do so.

The bump or pot hole issue could be a loose wheel speed sensor or speed sensor wiring ( stability control ) Best to pull the codes for the air bag and stability control as that will lead you to the bad sensor and/or wiring. This is not a parts store/auto zone type of scan this will need to be done by a shop.

here are some shops: best of luck!