Stability control fail+engine fail safe mode? on 1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas

Can anyone explain what these may mean? I came to a slow stop at red light. Light just came on suddenly. No big symptoms.
A little front brake squeak when stepping on brake to start up and move. I was able to return the 1.5 miles to home at 10mph.

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I have had the same problem with my 1999 XJ8 VDP many times. Apparently Jaguar had a problem with a supplier of throttle bodies and had issued several notices for dealers to check & service them - first by cleaning then ultimately by replacing the throttle body. My vehicle had gone through 6 dealers/services and NONE OF THEM complied with any of the Jaguar directives or even recall. So I had multiple times when my car would give me those warnings and often go in "limp home" mode - a real pain when driving in traffic. Ultimately I replaced the throttle body with a used one and it has not happened since (4 years). May not be your problem but could be something to look into (the diagnostic codes are sometimes misleading on this type of issue.) Good luck
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I have exactly same problem with exactly same car please help orlando
What's the solution? I have the same issue!!
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It could be many things, unfortunately and without experiencing the problem first hand or being able to do some basic diagnostic tests its hard to say. Would need to attach a scan tool to see what codes are stored in the computer of your car. Did the car go into limp home mode/loose power? I have seen a lot of transmission problems but would need to see what codes are stored in the computer before jumping to conclusions.
What's the solution? I have the same issue!