1993 Honda Accord Q&A

1993 Honda Accord Question: SRS light stays on. door & trunk lights dim on and off indicating open door.

All lights in the dash board light up indicating doors/trunk open when they are not. These lights dim on and off sometimes or turn off compeltely like normal. The SRS light stays on all the time. The Honda dealer said they never seen anything like it. 90$ and hour till fixed.. hum sounds like a big bill to me. The car only has 100k miles on it and in really good condition. -
Answer 1
I would not go to honda dealer just for that, call around town to get your estimates. check also all your door switch maybe be broken, since 1993 it could be damage just opening/closing for almost 20 yrs. -
Answer 2
Have SRS diagnosed seperate from other issues if possible. Must be a small dealership , symptoms don't sound that odd. -