SRS Light Remains On on 1996 Acura RL

Just replaced the fuel injection relay, car starts and runs fine, but now I'm getting the SRS light in dash. Checked 10 amp fuse replaced with new fuse, still have SRS light on. Any suggestions

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Low battery voltage can cause the SRS light to come on. Make sure your battery is good, cables are clean and tight and the alternator is charging.
OPDS sensor is bad. It is located inside the back support of the front passenger seat. It is sometimes caused by putting something electrical on the console. My was charging a blue tooth device and laying it on the console, when I started the car the light went on. Sounds crazy, but true. It is a defect that Acura covered for 10 years. Cost to change about 500 and up. I learned my lesson and have not had any other issues with it. It also knocks out the entire air bag system when that light is on.