SRS light is on.. what could be the reason on 2001 Acura RL

The SRS light is Solid On.. Dont know what could be the reason..and how much it is going to cost..

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have it scanned by a shop that can scan abs module.ask that question when you call for appt
I called the dealer and he said that It is going to cost 129$ for diagnostic... and repair would be more.. If it is just the scanning of the codes, why are they taking too much,,???
call your friends and ask for a good mech they can refer u to
I am in Chandler, and the good mechanic that I got from this website, is asking me to come tomorrow.. moreover, somewhere I read over the internet, that jeffylube or Autozone does the scanning for free?
they can't scan the abs module so that would be a waste of time i believe
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have it scan tested for codes
Nope..Not Yet.. But wanted to ask, do I need to take it to the Dealership or I can take it to the repairshop nearby.. I have purchased this car today and the previous owner was saying that this light has come on only recently, when he changed the battery.. but I am not sure, if he is telling the truth or not.. Please let me know what could be the possible reason and how much should I expect to be the expanse, as he is agreed to pay the repair..
SRS is your supplement restraint system you should have scanned immediately. It could be a minor issue or a major issue. We have the ability to scan it for you. Did the previous owner disclose if the vehicle was ever in an accident?