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Honda Element SRS Light Due to Faulty Wire Harness For Seat Belts

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On some models a faulty wire harness for the seat belts can cause the SRS light to illuminate. Replacing the faulty wire harness should correct this issue.

Airbag light stays on. Honda wants $100 just to hook it up to their machine to read the code!!!So the manufacturer,Honda, puts out a faulty product,usually a defective seatbelt harness, then charges you through the nose to diagnose and fix the problem...on top of all that, it is a safety feature that could save your life...and they won't even tell you why it malfunctioning unless you pay $100. There are hundreds of cases online about this problem!SHAME on you Honda! -
SRS light came on. I looked up how to reset in and easily did so. It came back on so at the next dealer service they checked it. I was told that the error code was not conclusive but they were pretty sure the srs controller needed to be replaced ($800!). I balked and told them if they were not sure then they could experiment with their own money. They declined. Ten thousand miles later and I'm back at the dealer and explained to a different service writer the situation. I had to be quite blunt and forceful to get him to understand that I wanted a diagnostician, not an oil changer to check this out. Wouldn't you know it; they found the fault code for the seat belt harness (a warranty repair) instead of simply replacing parts at my expense until they found the right one. -
The SRS light kept coming on. Honda replaced drivers side buckle 3 times obviously not fixing problem then Tech said he rerouted wires adding zip tie to be more away from track and handle and problem has been fixed now for years and an additional 80K miles. BTW, someone asked if Honda would cover this later with more mileage and out of warranty. I recall reading somewhere that safety systems tech bulletins due to design faults and recalls are covered forever.Check with the NHSTA to find out. At the very least you can get it done free if you shout loud enough so people in the sales showroom can hear! ;-) -
SRS light on the front passenger seat remains illuminated, when no one is sitting in the seat. -
SRS light -- code 4-1. Dealer reported that seatbelt tensioner was under warranty but "wire harness" would be $260. -
My srs light came on one day and stays on. I have a 2005 Honda Element ex 4wd. I see that the solution is to replace the wiring harness. Excellent news I will order from Majestic Honda their prices are low. -
Airbag / seat belt light came on about the time the airbag recall came out. Because it was the seat belt connector failure, Honda said the part was under a lifetime warranty and repair was free. -
The SRS light stays on, haven't corrected as yet -
SRS light stays on -
Srs light stays on -
Never got it fixed. -
Drivers side dummy light (picture of driver with deployed airbag with circle & line through it) has been on for about 75,000 miles. Dealer won't look at itŵ a $250 minimum charge. -
Diagnosed that air bag sensor can't determine if my seat belt is on, so air bag won't deploy. $50.00 for diagnosis and $369.00 to repair. -
Had new tires put on my car today. Got car back and light was on. Never had a issue until today -
When starting engine you have to put your seat belt on,if you don't the airbag light will go on after you start my car,and as your driving and take your seat belt off for any reason the airbag light will go on,not your seatbelt light won't go on.Same for starting the car. -
Light stays on. Dealer says it is faulty driver belt buckle sensor and not under warranty even though my air bags may or may not deploy in a collision. -
Many problems with the Honda element/ It has only 60 thousand miles. The tires replaced. The starter replaced three times. The alternator replaced. The brakes replaced. The tie bars both front and back replaced etc. Guess this is wahy Honda is not making them any more. -
Seat belt light simply illuminated in May 2014. Dealer told me what everyone else has said - $100.00 for a diagnostic check. -
SRS light on and dealer reports driver side seat belt sensor about $300 to fix. -
Our Honda dealer estimated at least $1,000 to fix. -
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