Srs light came on as usual but came on and flashed off and on while driving? on 2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty

the truck sat for 2 days and when i got in to drive it the light came on as usual at start-up and went off but then it came on and began flashing at random when driving and i didnt do anything to it what do i do and how do i go about fixing it and is it safe to remove the fuse for the time being until i get the money to take it to a shop for service and will it hurt the seatbelts or compromise the truck from starting and driving in any other condition from normal. Please respond asap i am at a wits end with this problem. No wreck, damage, hit, modification,removal,or anything to the electrical of the srs or fuse box but i need help asap.

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need to have scanned to check for codes. if air bag light on or flashing, disables air bags. should cause no other concerns. it is drivable.