srs light on 2002 Acura RL

my srs light is on how can i remove it? what can couse the srs light to turn on?

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SRS light or Supplemental Restraint System Warning Light is an indicator of a fault on the system that controls the deploy of the air bags and tighten of the seat belts in case of an accident. You should have this inspected and diagnosed by a qualified shop. Learn more here:
so if that light is on meaning there is a fault, can the airbag go off at any time?
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I had same problem on my 2002 PL. Dealer fixed, no charge under factory recall. Has due to with seat belt.
same problem, dealer fixed for free - seat belt. some say putting cell phone on console near gear shift can cause this.

won't make airbag deploy - but I heard can make airbag NOT DEPLOY.