Squealing on 1997 Ford Aerostar

When the engine is warm, I have a loud, high-pitched squeal coming from the front of the engine. Upon further searching it stated that this engine and year have an issue with the CAM position sensor synchronizing rod. This is supposedly located in the rear (under the cap inside the van) of the engine which is not the source of the noise, though the symptoms point to the diagnosis. Second, I need to get a special tool to do this job, is it a dealer or OEM tool? Or can I rent it from Autozone? Third, if this is not the area of concern, where can I get some C-4 to blow the damn vehicle up?

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I don't know about the C-4, but get video if you decide to go that route!
Were you able to find and repair the noise? Was it related to the cam sensor rod or possibly the drive belt area?