Mercury Milan Problem Report

Mercury Milan Squeaks and Creaks Over Bumps and When Turning

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Squeaks and creaks heard while driving over bumps and turning can be caused be a couple common sources and should be carefully diagnosed. Possible weld issues on the lower control arms can cause the noise concerns and require repair kits for the lower control arms from Ford. A jounce bumper (bump stop) rubbing against dry strut plate can cause an abrasion noise from the strut area. In this case the strut assembly should be disassembled to lubricate the jounce bumper and then reinstalled.

Squeaks and creaks when turning and going over bumps at slow speeds -
Mine sounds like a creaking sound whenever I push on the gas or when I stop, and if I turn or go over bumps. -
My car squeaks when driving straight, turning, or slowing down. -
I have taken it to two shops and they both say it's lower control arms. I will go to auto parts store for replacement and see if that does the trick -
Creaking and squeaking at low speeds and turns. I've had this problem for the last 20k miles (1.5 years), but now it's getting worse. Driving with the noise is annoying, but now I'm embarrassed to turn into the driveway; the car sounds like it has 500k miles on it. I used to pull both wheels off and spray all the bushings with white lithium grease and that would help for about 3 months; now nothing helps except when it rains, it goes away for a few days. -
same as above -
I have a grinding rubbing sound coming from the rear driver's side wheel area. Can I still drive the car -- would it be safe? Should I have it towed to the dealer? I have such low mileage and take very good care of my Milan -- I can't understand what could be causing this! -
Squeak and popping when driving straight, turning or going over bumps I had it to the shop 3 times and they said that. They tightened 3 bolts and sprayed grease it worked for a little bit but now squeak is back and worse. Very embarrassing to drive it and no one in the family wants to ride with me because of the embarrassment -
My care squeeks when I go over bumps or turn -
Problem was diagnosis when took in for repair for wheel bearings where replaced -
The colder it gets, the louder the constant squeaking while in motion, and grinding when turning the steering wheel gets! One shop lubed everything up really well (just recently had an upper arm control replaced, squeaking began afterwards), and that lasted a couple thousand miles, but it's back. -
Creaking noise when turning coming from right front And also when going over bumps. A few days later when I release the brake it has a grinding sound from back left side. -
squeks no matter how many set of tires i get, got a new axil and wheels hubs....a rough ride -
Makes noise when turning or when going over bumps -
Every time I turn, the wheel creaks/cracks and I can feel it in my steering wheel. It's like the wheel is going to fall off. Now it's vibrating. If enough people call ford 1-866-436-7332 on the safety issue, maybe a recall will be granted. -
Squeak and cracking going down the road. Been to 2 shops and can't find out what it is. It sounds like my car is going to fall apart. -
Squeaking noise when going over bumps. Not repaired yet. -
Same as others. -
Noticed squeaking when turning or going over bumps. -
Squeaks and creak sounds from front wheels when turning and stopping. -
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