squeaking sound from near the left handside wheel on 2000 Toyota Camry

Recently when i am driving, squeaking sound come from near the left handside wheel. What could the possible problem? Do I need to go to repari shop immediately?

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Its hard to accurately say for sure what a noise is without hearing the noise first hand. A squeaking noise as the wheel/tire is moving (car driving down the road) could be a warning that the brake pads are worn and in need of replacement. Toyota has a little metal finger on the brake pads, as the brake pad wears to a point where the brake pad needs to be replaced the metal finger comes in contact with the rotating brake rotor. This contact emits a squeal to signify the brake pads need to be changed. A squeaking sound as the suspension encounters a speed bump could suspension bushing or upper strut mount. Its safer to have the noise checked out by a trusted local mechanic. If the brakes make a grinding sound as you apply the brakes damage has all ready been done and the car is unsafe to drive.
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it is more that likely that the noise is coming from your CV joint. i curently have the same problem. tey r cheap and easy to replace but u can get any mechanic to fit it for you for next to nothing