Squeaking Noise When Applying Brakes in Reverse on Scion xB

When backing up and applying the brakes, you may hear a squeaking noise. Scion engineers addressed this problem by modifying the shape of the brake pad and the anti-squeal shims; they also applied more grease during assembly.

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Average mileage: 81,800 (26,800–174,000)
5 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, more2010
16 people reported this problem
7 people shared problem details
2008 Scion xB30,000
My breaks has been squeaking for about 2 years now, i have told the dealership over and over when go to service my car. They make excuses like, maybe its dusty or maybe your brake pads need to be changed. ive since changed my break pads but still it squeaks.
loud and getting louder squeak/squeal in brakes (rear?) on reverse. Mechanic says brake shoes and pads are fine.
2004 Scion xB174,000
2005 xb in great condition, brakes squeak braking on rear only. will investigate, air in line seems to be part of the problem, also seem to be uneven line pressure to the rear wheels etc..
2006 Scion xB112,000
same thing squeaking, and I had the brakes checked and they are good. I've only had the car for 5000 miles. purchased from a certified toyota dealer. sounds like toyota needs to do something about this problem.
The brakes squeak when I go in reverse.
my brake shoes make noise when stoping replaced brake drum same noise again and shoes. the brake shoes were wore on the ends now its making same noise again thier was plent of pad left but both ends wore again
2010 Scion xB26,800
Loud squeaking noise occurs when applying brakes while baking up. Took vehicle to Toyota dealership and told it is due to moisture on brake pads. States everything "looks fine". Problem continues even on dry days. When googled problem seems many other Toyota models report this same problem. Technical Service Bulletin sent out regarding Rear Brake Squeak (T-SB-0098-10) to service mechanics notifying that Some 2010 Prius vehicles may experience rear brake squeak when backing up or moving forward during the first few brake applications when the brakes are cold. An updated rear brake shim kit is available to reduce the likelihood of this condition occurring. Could this also be a Scion problem????
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