squeaking (like rubber rubbing) when going slow speed whiile turning steering wheel on 2003 Ford Thunderbird

it seems to do it after ive driven it a ways. it never does it right away. It doesnt do it going at higher speeds like above 50. only like 20-30ish. had a thought...i know it has a steering mechanism that tightens up the steering when driving at higher speeds then adjusts for lower speeds and also when the car is in neutral and motor is off as well. was wondering if it could be something related to that. wanted to know what you thought before i took it to the dealer and they messd with the steering which is very tight and drives like a dream. (just wondering about the squeak before my warranty is up)

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There was an issue with steering rack and pinions making a rubber squeaking noise in this model. The is a technical service bulletin recommending to completely flush the power steering fluid. It works most of the time, if not, then it recommends to replace the rack and pinion.