2001 Mercury Grand Marquis Q&A

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis Question: Squeak on brake pedal inside car

01 Grand Marquis---brake pedal makes squeeky noise when braking. Brakes OK!! Please Help!!! Thanks. -
Answer 1
Could be the brake master cylinder pushrod squeaking, or an internal diaphragm in the booster squeaking. You can try to lube the rod to see if that helps. Many times I have experienced this noise - only sometimes have I experienced it solved. -
Comment 1
Your answer seems to be most correct. This car has a lot of other components attached to or close to the brake pedal; thereby making the "lubricating" project difficult, but not impossible. Also it "adjusts" brake pedal height to compensate for driver's foot reach. I am wondering if the booster and/or the master cylinder might need to be replaced. Sounds expensive. What's your take??? Thanks. -
Comment 2
Most of the shaft is concealed, so even if you can get under there, it's hard to lube. Don't focus on the adjustable pedal portion - it's not your problem. You COULD replace the booster and or master for the problem, but for only a noise, I'd personally live with the noise. Your new one could make noise too (early on or after a bit), adding insult to injury! -
Comment 3
Dave, your response is right-on. I was told the O-Ring in the booster (where the push-pin rides) gets dry, and lubricating it will be a temporary answer. It will solve the problem for a while. It's worth a try. Thanks. -