squeak noise from front wheels on 2011 Nissan Sentra

Have 500 miles on 2011 Sentra S.While driving 15-20 mph into our community,noticed sound coming from front wheels during rotation.When car slows,sound becomes less with slower speed,and stops when vehicle comes to dead stop.Lug nuts holding hub caps on are tight...sounds like abrasive noise between plastic caps and steel wheels.does not sound like brakes..Help

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Some wheels these days are made of steel with an overlay that makes the wheels look good. Without seeing yours, I don't know of their specific contstruction. I can tell you, though, that will the style of wheel I'm speaking of, there is a higher risk of abrasion noise due to how the wheels are assembled.

Naturally...consult your local dealership, as your warranty is in effect strongly at this early stage in the game.
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Sounds like wheel covers flexing on the wheels. Dealer should fix under warranty right?